I don't usually take the time to review products however, CannaWix candles are so great they basically demand I spend a few minutes to write this.  I suffer from multiple issues,  Sciatica pain,  chronic migraines, and bit of depression as well.  I was skeptical at first, however when I started using CannaWix candles I knew I was hooked. Not only do they create a calm environment that smells great,  they help relieve my migraines and sciatica pain. The peppermint is great for migraines,  especially when you use the warm wax as a topical salve. The eucalyptus smells great and reminds me of my old home,  and who doesn't love lemongrass? Anyway enough of the sales pitch, go get some CannaWix candles and stay Lit. 


Love this candle. The Sweet Orange helped my mom with her nausea while she battled cancer. It was one of the ONLY ways we could get her to feel well enough to eat it made a diference. I Highly recommend this candle to anyone!! 

Santiago c.

Your Candles are amazing!! I've tried other CBD candles and oils but NONE have produced results like my favorite Sweet Orange!!! I really love sweet orange, it smells terrific. The wax itself works so well and with the sweet orange smell, its the complete package!! Thank you so much for making these AMAZING candles!!


BEST CANDLES EVER! Can't go Wrong!